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This cnt service provides, internationally, a comprehensive full service and tailored support referring to your technological specifical needs.

cnt executives and IT partners provide for your project an adequate accompaniment during the planning process until fully installation status and beyond the operational, regular technical "user support".

Our global network of international partners, with excellent experience in IT consultancy, programming and IT-development offer you a unique, one face and definite solution for your IT inquiry. cnt IT partners are qualified, well known, market leaders, bonded to operate throughout most of the key cities of the world.

Among cnt "Information Technology" Services:

Network Infrastructure

--> Local area network design, implementation and management
--> Corporate network design, implementation and management
--> Global network and internet-access by satellite
--> VPN (Virtual Private Network) design and management over internet

Collaboration & messaging infrastructure
Design, implementation and management of

--> Enterprise directory services
--> Enterprise messaging services
--> Enterprise collaboration platforms
--> Corporate intranet- and internet services

Multimedia-Services and Business-Models
Design, implementation, management and operation of

--> IT business-corners
--> High tech multimedia-centers
--> Innovating conceptions of internet-cafe’s
--> With or without guest-advise, workshops, professional centre-staff

E-business & e-commerce infrastructure
Design, implementation and management of

--> e-business and e-commerce environments
--> Legacy-system integration (IBM S/390, IBM AS/400, SAP)
--> Fidelio and ERP integration
--> .NET and J2EE web services to interconnect disparate IT platforms
--> Support in all business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce initiatives, internet and intranet
--> Technical support for online promotions and mailings
--> Activities support for online sales & marketing improvement
--> Own site development and sponsors contracting
--> Conception & web design of firm online new innovating presentation
--> Staff trainings and individuals workshops for all in-house software & IT products
--> Special expertise and IS support to maximize and optimize internal exploitations and use
--> Full support for all kinds of in-house IT planning, installations and upgrades
--> General "Day-to-Day Management" electronic initiatives
--> Product & business development, strategic alliances
--> Active support by e.merging information technologies of cnt and all its partners

cnt is working with a network of global partners like Intel, Microsoft,
Toshiba, Equant, Cisco, IBM and other service partners with
wide leadership experience in the IT industry.

cnt is able to provide tailored and customized IT solutions and consulting from small businesses to enterprise-wide projects.

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