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cnt operational consultancy services were founded to create, restore and consolidate a constant, steady total quality in your property. A wide range of full services are provided:

--> Consultancy and temporal management support
--> Active advice of local traditions, ethics and cultures
--> Full integrity workshops for top executives and expatriates
--> Optimizing and developing the in-house operation
--> Team affectivity improvement and staff development

cnt executives are qualified, registered and professionally bonded to operate throughout most of the key cities of the world. The company operates in a multilingual environment and does business in seven languages for more than twenty five destinations worldwide.

Among cnt "Human Resources" services:

--> Temporal management and general management
--> Active consultancy for general management
--> Team- evaluation, building and coaching
--> Development and improvement of the human resource infrastructure and organigram
--> Optimizing of affectivity, labour contract and payroll
--> Improvement task force for human resource administration
--> Re-conception and special task force for negotiations with unions and local authorities
--> Training and seminars for expatriate’s integrity with "traditions & local ethics" work shops
Among cnt "Hotels & Resorts" services:

--> Evaluation expertise and "Prop-Scan©"
--> Property conception / re-conception
--> Property management
--> Property development
--> Sales contracting & property marketing
--> Department’s individuals’ inspections and support
--> Manuals for standards & procedures
--> Active assistance while pre-opening and handing over
--> Worldwide freelance sales & marketing activities and firm representations
--> Setting up of multingual tailored entertainments with big, special
events and shows

Among cnt "Restaurant and Innovating Culinary" services:

--> Evaluation expertise and "Rest-Scan©"
--> New conception / re-conception restaurant management & development support
--> Active cooking for gourmet cuisine with all linked recipes
--> Manuals, standards & procedures for cooking and show cuisine

We are members of the most international organizations & associations linked to the "Total Quality Management".

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