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Operational Consulting
Business Development
Strategical Investment
Tailored Hospitality Recruitment
Employment Opportunities
IT & IT Advice

cnt provides full-service, commercial and investment-grade expertise to investors, owners, lenders, developers, attorneys, corporate entities, municipalities and to the public sector.

Select individually among our services:

Operational consultancy
Optimization and reorganization of all operational issues and conceptional advice
--> Owners, hotel operators, companies

Business development
Real estate & landscape searches/promotions, sales & marketing, product positioning/re-branding, contracting support
--> Investors, owners, share holders

Strategical investment
Finance & feasibility plans, legal advice, auditing & expertise assignments, capital participations, shares distributions
--> Banks, investors, owners, share holders

Tailored hospitality recruitment - "THR"
Executive and talents search, temporal management support
--> Owners, hotel operators, companies, share holders

Information technology & IT advice
General consultancy for in-house IT operational issues, online presence & web design, e-commerce
--> Owners, investors, hotel operators, companies, share holders

We have resources in every leading country and major "key city" of the world. With the most advanced way of communication and information technology, we are invariably up to date by using "real-time" contact and communication with our cnt partners and cnt resources.

This makes our cnt internal network accessible and dynamic around the clock and around the world.

cnt - sharing experience!