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Caribbean Sea
Canary Islands
Middle East Area


--> Pre-opening of a 4 stars conference hotel with a total events capacity of up to 6.500 persons
--> Sport events:
> International tennis tournaments
> Formula 1
> Golf tournaments
--> Redevelopment of a conference hotel, 2700 beds, and opening conception of new convention center
--> Re-conception, re-opening and set up for specialty restaurant
--> Legal advice for an over seas management agreement, 3 stars beach resort
--> Cash flow improvement and restriction of 5 year feasibility plan, city hotel with limited congress capacity.


--> Concept of repositioning a local 3 stars hotel to an international 4 star standard hotel for the German and Swiss market.
--> Conception and ‘premiere’ implementation of all inclusive formula’s in 4 properties and 2 brand products.
--> Corporate identity creation and development for new products, two brands 4000 beds.
--> Master plan for renovation and product upgrade, resort and family hotel, from three stars into four stars.
--> Negotiation with local authorities and union for restoring social peace process
--> Lease contract for domain use
--> Lease contract for maritime side use
--> Task force for finance results improvement and cash flow management
--> Re-conpcetion and re-positioning 4 star monolingual product into multilingual and French speaking markets
--> Active management support for marketing and sales on the national domestic market
--> Negotiation and agreement signature for international operator with local union, bank, owner and national tribunal representative
--> Special task force to optimize staff and human resource infrastructure, 550 persons
--> Review of standards, installing new policies and procedures for internal operation
--> Re-conception and re-opening of a specialty restaurant
--> Acquisition of a 210 ha plot of land, a $ 130 million "all suite resort"
--> Management agreement for international operator, nine different properties, 7 destinations
--> Budgeting and marketing plans for nine different properties at 7 destinations
--> Acquisition of a hotel chain with seven properties
--> Renovation and refurbishment plans for 7 hotels at 5 destinations
--> Repositioning and marketing plans from local market only, to German, French and UAE markets
--> Cash flow and feasibility plans for 7 hotels at 5 destinations
--> Setting up a new corporate office including local legal advisors
--> Converting two hotels into different brand, from local excursion market into groups and long stay market for movie production
--> Trouble shooting management for two units
--> Negotiation with two union associations and local authorities to restore regular operation
--> Pre-Negotiation and letter of intent for three new projects, three and four stars sector
--> Acquisition of 85 ha plot of land for four star dessert resort

Caribbean Sea

--> Pre-opening 5 star resort
--> Building all departments teams, recruitment, selections and training
--> Premiere installment of "the diamante all inclusive", 24 hour operation including room beverage
--> Cash flow plan
--> Marketing and action plan for repositioning the property from exclusive German market into the national and US market
--> Negotiation and creating a "social contract" between international management and regional/local union teams
--> Converting one 4 star hotel into two different projects.
--> Creating an new "exclusive formula" for a deluxe and high class property
--> Installment of international gourmet restaurant chain with one project, 180 seats and open show cuisine

Canary Islands

--> Optimizing of cash flow management, five star hotel resort, 780 rooms
--> Negotiation for international operator with local union representatives and national authorities
--> Reconception and re-opening of four F&B outlets in a four star beach hotel
--> Repositioning of four star holiday hotel on two new markets
--> Refinancing of hotel project inclusive new 12 year Feasibility plan


--> Special assignments for indoor business development, attraction and entertainment plans
--> Various assignments for team building and hospitality recruitment
--> Pre-selection and special interviews, -tests for top executive searches
--> Cash flow and finance improvement
--> Team coaching and reorganization of the internal organigram with 1150 staff
--> Pre-selection of events and new shows for international entertainment programs

Middle East Area

--> Finance improving task force
--> Feasibilty and cash flow plan for 5 star property
--> Negotiation for international operator with bank and owner representative for refinancing agreement
--> Re-conception of two properties, three and four stars
--> Re-opening of five star hotel as golf lodge and positioning on the "luxury selections" sector
--> Agreement signature for shares redistribution and refinance of casino & spa resort
--> Five years business development plan for international hotel operators, 3 brands, 5 properties and 5 destinations
--> New conception of beach business attraction, day entertainments and night shows
--> "Special agreement" negotiation for international operator with staff representation, banks and owners
--> Pre-opening five star deluxe resorts


--> Re-opening and re-conception of a restaurant
--> Re-opening conception for lodge resort
--> Re-opening conception for four star long stay hotels
--> Negotiation for two plots of land- beach side and inland, for casino attraction
--> Service agreement for incoming transport agency
--> Marketing plan and online presentation for national transport agency
--> Five year marketing and strategy plan for an international operator
--> Business development plan for six properties, three brands and five destinations