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Operational Consulting
Business Development
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cnt business development services provide, internationally, a comprehensive property full service ranging from site investigation and acquisition negotiation.

cnt executives provide an adequate accompaniment for your project; from the planning process, through till final construction. Also by the initial management and up to a potential final selling or contracting with an international operator.

cnt partners are qualified, registered and professionally bonded to operate throughout most of the key cities of the world. The firm operates in a multilingual environment and does business in seven languages at more than twenty five destinations worldwide.

Among cnt "Real Estate & Landscape" services:

--> New acquisition & appropriate brokerage
--> Market data research & entitlement services
--> Property / plot promotion and management
--> Projects / plot development and management
--> Projects / plot evaluations
--> Projects / plot feasibility and market studies
--> Area networking, competitive market surveys & local expertise
--> Appraisal and evaluation reports, investment property sales and pro forma analyses

We are member of various international real estate related organizations.

Among cnt "Sales & Marketing" services:

--> Innovating business and marketing plans
--> Studies and expertise for international and national markets, for local and domestic competitions
--> Conception, re-conception of product positioning and branding
--> Customized reports and plans for development strategies
--> Full support for presentation during top events and international exhibitions
--> Corporate identity check & improvement
--> General analysis and measures for "Brand positioning" on new, local and international markets
--> Corporate philosophy development, appointment and elaborations
--> Improvement and evaluation check for the corporate procedures of business to business "b2b" and business to consumer "b2c" affairs.
Among cnt "Contracting and Agreement Support" services:

--> Management agreements
--> Commercial leasing contracts
--> Franchising agreements
--> Management consultancy agreements
--> Capital share contracts
--> Investments and co-investment agreements
--> Time share agreements / contracts
--> Special agreements
--> Sale & lease back agreement

Our growth is owed to our clients continued satisfaction and to our constant striving towards the improving process for quality and performance. This success is an important measure of the high confidence and faith entrusted in our team by our clients.

Experience and maturity in the hospitality industry, allow us continuously to improve our growth rate.

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