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cnt strategical investment is in fact a sub division of the cnt business development with full support for all, to projects, linked legal and administrative tasks.

This service provides a globally, full service package, with local and international partners to respond individually, with focused accuracy, to the varying, specific requirements of each cnt customer.

cnt partners are qualified, registered and professionally bonded to operate throughout most of the key cities of the world. The company operates in a multilingual environment and does business in seven languages for more than twenty five destinations worldwide.

Among cnt "Finance & Fiscal Support" services:

--> Projects financing / refinancing plans
--> Feasibility and cash flow plans
--> Business and more profit plans
--> Planning of shares structures / shares redistributions
--> Financing of sale & lease back contracts
--> Feasibility, absorption, discounted cash flow & pro forma analyses
--> Mortgage financing
--> Private mortgage insurance (PMI) removal
--> Insurable replacement and cost analysis
--> Consolidation or dissolution of interests
--> Partial interest valuations, fiscal impact & economic studies
--> Customized reports for financial plans and strategies
--> Bond financing & community facilities districts
--> Operating statements
--> Restoring and review of the internal cost controlling and all operational analyses

Among cnt "Legal Support" services:

--> Asset, foreclosures & defaults management
--> Market research & data services
--> Expert witness testimony & litigation/court support
--> Right-of-way, partial/full acquisitions & eminent domain
--> Right of land off/on
--> Right-of-way & relocation assistance
--> Property tax appeal & inverse condemnation
--> Acquisitions, dispositions & all local tax deferred exchanges
--> Estates, trusts, gifting, probate & capital gains
--> Full report and prevention measures service for "Property Risks"

During the last years, cnt freelancers have provided unique successful solutions for all complicated challenges at all cnt assignments.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and to continue serving your needs.

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