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cnt is one of the most successful global consulting companies for the
international hospitality industry with more than fourty three opened, pre-opened and re-organized projects in the luxury-, resorts- and conference sector.

cnt was founded in 1993, through a fusion between two consulting firms separately operating in the United States and the Middle East area.

cnt is a platform between owners, international operator’s, investors, lenders, developers, attorneys, corporate entities and project promoters.

cnt is based at cologne, Germany, since 1996 and operating with nine main executives and more then thirty six freelance consultants in order to respond globally to the variable needs of cnt international satisfied customers.

cnt executives are committed to total quality and integrity. The "cosmopolitan networker team" serves you in seven different languages, on five continents and in more than twenty five locations worldwide.

Let's face it, choosing the right company at the right time to handle your main matters is an important decision for having full success in your company. As seasoned professionals, the cnt team is dedicated to provide you tailored solutions with the highest level of service quality and integrity.

We are gladly "sharing experience" with all our partners!