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cnt was founded late in 1993 as a fusion between two different firms.

The initial company, United Development & Promotion Co. (UDP), was specialized in the sector of real estate development for the hospitality industry and operated exclusively in the United States.

The other firm, Innovating Quality (IQ), was based in the UAE as a local operational consulting company active in the Middle East and North African area to support owners of hotels and restaurants in their different needs and challenges.

After merging UDP & IQ, the new company cnt started to respond globally to all client requirements under one roof.

Fast growing trouble shooting assignments, was the key reason for cnt hiring freelancers and made forward expansion to the travel- and executive search sectors. Thus, cnt founded, in 1995, a new brand, the "tailored hospitality recruitment - THR".

Meanwhile cnt is operating out of lebanon with nine main executive officers and more than thirty six freelance consultants in seven languages, in five continents and for more than twenty five destinations.

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